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Farmhouse Jazz & Blues Band

Farmhouse Jazz & Blues Band

The Farmhouse Jazz & Blues Band was founded in 2015, when four exmembers of the then famous Stable Roof Jazz Band came together to starta new band. The sound of the trad jazz of the Chris Barber Jazz & Blues Band, with the strong and driving rhythm section, became leading again.

In the Farmhouse J&B Band the rhythm section consists of good old Cees Heegstra on drums, Carla Tavenier-Kok on double bass and Gerard Tavenier on banjo and guitar - a strong basis for a truly varied repertoire: New Orleans jazz of the 20’s, the swing of the 30’s and the West Coast blues-rock of the 50’s. All played with a powerful swing and drive, but of course the traditional ballad is played softly and tender. The frontline is headed up by Michael Muller, one of the major Dutch trumpet players, and is completed by multi instrumentalist Michiel Pos, not only blowing the reeds but also playing the blues guitar and the blues harp in the bluesy numbers. He is also the main singer of the band. Since the end of 2021 Wim Vreeburg (clarinet and sax) joined the band as fourth man in the front line.

And last but not least,of course, trombone player Hans van Wermeskerken, who is the manager of the band and responsible for the public relations. In a relatively short period the Farmhouse Jazz & Blues Band has developed its own characteristic performance, which strongly distinguishes from the regular dixieland jazz scene in Europe as a result of an on going evaluation to combine traditional jazz with blues and swing. The band enjoys an ever growing audience all over Europe, also attracting the real blues lovers.

Spiller lørdag kl. 17.00-19.30 i Villy Poulsen Teltet